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Business Services Overview

In Generation Tax Center, We are focused on providing you with the best tax preparation experience, making sure we maximize your refund and minimize your tax liability as our # 1 goal. We make sure to decode the complications of tax laws and help you better understand what your tax bracket means and what you need to do to plan going forward.
The working of IRS code and income tax overall can be tricky to understand. We believe that Generation Tax Center strive to deliver superior tax service and you can count on us to stand shoulder to shoulder with you while providing tax service that is unparalled in the industry.


We provide tax service with w-2, 1099 Misc. Selves employed, Corporation, and Added 1098T, Last pay stub of the year. If you still don’t have your w-2 yet, no problem because we can be able to print it on line for you at the office. Before you receive it in the mail you can file your taxes up to 2 weeks earlier when you download your w-2 at Generation Tax Center.
Don’t forget to let us know that you have a PIN from IRS in case if you have it.


After your return has been accepted electronically by the IRS, you will receive a check for the amount of $ up of 5500 for 1 child, up of $ 8000 for 2 children and up of $ 9500 for 3 children, no out- of- pocket fee.


When you opting for an IRS direct refund, you will receive your refund directly from the IRS 10 to 21 days from the time your tax return has been electronically filed and accepted. 1. You can choose to receive direct deposit to your Bank 2. Check sent Via standard mail 3. Deposited to our visa card


A Tax audits is a process to IRS uses to determine whether you the tax payer have paid the correct amount of income taxes while most audits request are routine and fairly easy to respond to, there are instances that can be complicated and you may need some additional help. We are dedicated to helping customers succeed so we keep coming up with a new IRS Laws to help you attract customers we have been offering this line for just over a years and these are our customers favorite.