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Our Goal

To be recognized by our client and the tax industry as the highest class by way of professionalism and the best way with your specific tax solution. It’s not only tax service but customer service. Year after year we look forward to treat customer with integrity, courtesy, dignity and respect. This is the company you will stick with for years to come most importantly, the experience and knowledge are the key to open the door to get your money from IRS. Great place to get your tax done, great customer service.

Eliphat and staff are the best, very courteous friendly, professional by giving all clients excellent and fast service. Generation Tax Center Company is a large range of financial service to both individual and business. We work with courtesy to minimize tax liability and minimize your cash follow to keep on track toward your financial goal, again respect as the rule of the office customer first. We conduct ourselves with the highest integrity by promoting fast values that support our vision statement and which guide everything we do in this company.


“Become and be recognized as the global leader in the tax service, providing customer service with specialist that are loved and trusted by consumer and are wining value business creator in their industry” Become employee in Generation Tax Center we promise to treat all individual as the same with integrity, courtesy and respectful environment that encourages growth as a team. We provide tax service as: Individual, self-employed, state tax, Corporation, 1099 misc, 1099T, 1099 on mortgage and home equity loan, casualty & theft losses investment related subscription uniform, non-cash, charitable donation etc. Bring all the receipts. Choose Generation Tax Center Company to prepare your tax return with high experience and professional who knows all the latest tax law changed. We will take the time and effort to analyze your specific tax circumstance to identify potential tax deduction and recommend tax saving strategies to ensure the preparation of your tax return goes smoothly. Please bring the following items to your tax scheduled please.