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About Us

Generation Tax Center core value is primarily in Individual, State and Small Business tax services. The short answer to what we do would be in income tax: but what drives us most is the desire to continue to improve and find way to add value for our clients by expanding our value – added business philosophy at the get more section of our site.

Generation Tax Center is the best one company who worked with both from a knowledge perspective and efficiency even you have income from many different resources both w-2 and 1099. We immediately made excellent recommendation on how to set up or to help customers with the tax service. We have a great system and reputation for filing each year that allow you to do everything electronically and recalls information from previous years which saves so much time. It is the time to organize every year in trying to manage all of your receipts and we have patiently helping people and gave them the suggestion for software which has simplified everything. The most important about the C.E.O OF Generation Tax Center, it is refreshing to find someone who cares about the quality of your service. I would like absolutely recommend all of you to visit the office of Generation Tax Center and believe that you will never look for any other accounting for ever, the service and happiness will make you stack with the company. Now a days you need to be with someone who care about your situation in case you have problem the tax professional should be able to fix it

  • We serve people personally and quickly
  • Even through you have a very small business, we will take care of your situation as if you have the biggest corporation.
  • We are very patient and answer all customer questions making sure you understand everything.

Generation Tax Center has a great team work, if you have a tax question and needed some professional advice, please visit us in the office with quick service, and patiently listened to your concerns again by dignity, courtesy and respectful you will be happy as you’re at home. Eliphat and his team definitely get good reputation in business, believe that in generation Tax Center all hand on the desk. If you never have a good service just like that, I hope since you find us and you will get a life changed. The service will exceeded your expectation and you will share your experience. That a great company to get service or to work with excellence by the way of professionalism and assertive on the line of work.

Anyone who work in this company, it is a very helpful and responsive person. We are available when you have question and patient when we work with you. We are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything in great detail. We will really work with you to make sure you are comfortable with everything before it’s summited, take care customer is never fun. You should trust Generation Tax Center because it’s tax lien judgment any IRS problem. You will always trust us until you will make some referral and the client will be on the good hand.


Why success Tax Relief?

Over 5 years established in Fort Lauderdale Oakland Park serving people in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Naples, Immakalee, North Carolina with our staff speakers English, Creole, Spanish fluently. We welcome you to meet us in person.